Thursday, July 10, 2008


Y'know, those fights where both people are too afraid of getting hurt.

(drawn by me, but characters are property of Luke Cormican an' Katie Rice!)


trevor said...

Dude, did YOU draw these?

If so, I'm very impressed! I had to look at it for a while. I was thinking, "Is this one of Luke's drawings? No, not really his style...."

I've never had one of those fights. I have the same theories about fighting as I do with guns and gun owners. They say you should never take out your gun unless you intend to fire it.

I say you should never even hint at fighting unless you plan on seriously destroying someone else's face.

My favorite fighting dynamic in comedy, however, is when there's two people who are fighting using destruction, but never lay a hand on one another. A good example would be from Laurel & Hardy and the Christmas-tree salesman debacle. In it, Edgar Kennedy is seen destroying their car, while L & H destroy his house.

But they took turns, each destroying one piece of the other's property at a time... now THAT was hysterical! One party couldn't believe the temerity each time of the other, and so reacted accordingly. Eye for an eye, I suppose that is.

Anyway, what brought this subject to mind? Someone get into a slap fight with you? Get Hryma to dump cereal on their head, I say!

Again, awesome drawing if it is yours ( I can't read the signature ).

- trevor.

Slack-a-gogo said...

That's a great lil' cartoon. I love the body language of the bird - not really committed to the whole concept of the fight.

Hryma said...

COOl Nic'O!!
That's awesome,
Is it you and Kali? Bickering before you even move in together (is that right, that's what Trev said in the last post, I wasn't game to guess) is that what brought it to mind?

I recently found out I have slight allergy to milk, before hand I would never waste good/any cereal.
I really love cereal.
Anyway I might contemplate doing as Trevor mentioned if it were to stop the madness, not before I spent some time laughing first with a swollen head and mouth full of milk and sugar.

trevor said...

Not that I wish ill upon you, but I'd love to see what you looked like laughing with a swollen head!

In fact, you probably wouldn't be the only one with the giggles!

- trevor.

Nico said...

um thanks but there really isn't anything deep or meaningful to this! It's just fanart. I drew it because i like the characters.

And regarding who I'm roommates with: i'm not telling! :P

Katie said...

YAAAAAY!!!!!!! Thanks NICO!!!!! Happy happy slappity slap!

P.S. I slap fought with my highschool friends but got too energetic one day and socked my pal in the ear...I still feel bad.

Nico said...

AWW thanks Katie!!!!! love and miss ya! let's hang out sooooooon :)

Ben Forbes said...

This is adorable! I love it :)

And I do have an email address and Myspace (rarely use it though). I Have Facebook though!

Deemo said...

Hey Nico how are you doing?
Im a big fan really think your funny. I also put some fan art up of you on my blog you should check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks

trevor said...

Hey Nico,

Do you try to look like a living cartoon or does it just come naturally?

Either way, I'm jealous.

Yr. buddy,

- trevor.

Nico said...

i look like a living cartoon?