Thursday, July 17, 2008


So in our comedy show Happy Hour, one of our fake products is Happy Tarts... nice and flaky fruit-filled breakfast pastries.


Did you know the Happy Tarts brand has been around for years?? Decades, even! Check out these vintage commercials for proof!!!!!!!


trevor said...

Nice work! My favorite's the second one.

Although, Happy Tarts really do exist elsewhere, even though they're not real.

Ever see the movie Trey Parker and Matt Stone did before South Park, 'Orgazmo'? The characters in that film eat Happy Tarts all day long while shooting pornos.

And so do I.

Good times.

- trevor.

PS: Do you have a product that gets flaky pastry crumbs out of a sex queen's snatch?

Hryma said...

Bwaa ha ha! Brilliant! What's that soundtrack from with the Kali zoom-in, in clip 2?
If I watched that tomorrow that would probably have made my day,
but sorry you lucked out for today my family bet you to it, with the most awesomest present ever!!! period.

Dirty Trev. Ever see 'Canibal the Musical?' they eat people:(

trevor said...

"Ohhhh...... let's build a snowman, we can make him our best friend!

We can name him Joe, or we can name him Beowulf!"

Yes, I've seen 'Cannibal!' A buncha times.

Quite good, quite good.

- trevor.

Justin said...

For a second I was like, "Wow, that girl looks just like Kali-oh wait."

It's embarrassing how dumb I can be sometimes.

Hryma said...

Quick jump on AIM now and we'll talk dirty.

Hryma said...

G'day Nico, I was just watching some Happy Hour and almost pissed my pants!!

You've got to have a squizz at this
It's a scene from 'Summer Heights High' that show I mentioned to ya a couple weeks back.

This dude, Chris Lilley, played three characters for the show, Jonah a New Zealand student, Ja'mie a chick from an uperclass school who's done a swap for a semester and Mr 'G' in the clip above who's the drama teacher.

Here's a trailer with them all:

and just for good measure, Jonah he's a funny bastard:

Pat McMicheal said...

Nico (Nick), Man, I just spent about 2 hours watching your clips on youtube! ( and I'm at work). I understand your humor and it is all very clever! I really liked your appearance in the talent show! ( singing ). That was friggin hilarious.
Hey, My brother lives in Tucson...You know him....he's the guy that doesn't look like a mexican!
He loves it there and he won't come back to NJ.
Keep up the great work!