Wednesday, June 4, 2008


...Today marks my the first of my new ventures into digital inking and color.

Here's my first attempt:

2nd attempt:


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Nice work, sir!

What did you use, Illustrator?

I like the top one best! Elevates my mood and whatnot.

- trevor.

amir avni said...

Hi Nico,

These are cute and appealing drawings,

I have some constructive criticism for inking:

Line thickness ( or "Line weight") should help describe 2 major things: Weight and Perspective.
Lines that describe close and heavy forms should be thick, and lines that describe far and light forms should be thin
For example: the kid's cranium has more volume than his jaw, therefore the lines describing the cranium should be thicker.
Also, the left part of his lip seems to be closer to us than the right part, therefore the left part should be the thicker.

Guys like Pete Emslie and Shane Glines make it look easy!

Nico said...

Thanks Amir! Yeah, that kid is gonna be a tad wonky because it was the very first thing I drew after first plugging in my new tablet! It was just a practice run and I've done a few other "real" drawings since this that I haven't posted yet, getting an overall feel for everything. I think i'm getting a lot better.

thanks to Kali, and my cousin Jenny especially, who have been teaching me through it the past few days. plus Brian Romero's tutorials on his blog have been a ton of help too. and thank YOU for these inking tips! honestly I am desperate for tips to learn by and will take them by the spoooon-full

Mitch L said...

The Kali one looks great.

The kid is really funny, but the lines could be stronger.

You should make more inks and post them!