Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I spent the latter half of this past week re-watching the entire Indiana Jones trilogy and then seeing Part IV in theatres. Wooooo!


Hryma said...

G'day Nico,
was it any good?
Temple of Doom will always be my favourite, with the snakes and the monkeys and such.

I'm looking forward to seeing your illustrator inking.
Tips, well, I got mine from Brian Romero's blog, I
put the links on my blog under your comment.

Nico said...

It was good! Obviously not the originals, but still a fun time. Raiders is my fave.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I hate the way this one was shot.

What happened to all my favorite well-crafted sepia-toned, 60's processed filmstock cinematography?

It was replaced by someone who saw 'The Bourne Identity' too many times and thought, "THAT'S what Indiana Jones needs! A shit-ton of blues and greens with shaky reality-TV inspired handheld shots."

Spielberg said, "Get me the guy who shot the opening scene to Saving Private Ryan! THAT'S the type of reality we need for this escapist fantasy!"

Douglas Slocombe was a fucking genius. The last Indie flick was indeed his last crusade.

He never once used a light meter on the set of 'Raiders'. Meanwhile, Janusz Kaminski can't frame a shot with a video camera to save his life.


But I heartell the story's pretty cool.

- trevor.

Nico said...

does anyone like my drawing? :P

Hryma said...

Sorry Nico, Yeah of course we like your drawing! Photoshop?
You caught his likeness perfectly,
except for maybe his south park round head, the beard is a nice touch!

I think you should have a go at sculpting that scene, what ya reckon?

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I like the drawing, especially the colors.

How do you color in Photoshop? I always do it wrong, somehow.

- trevor.

Nico said...


its just a combo of the magic wand tool and the colored brush of your choice. Coloring sketches in Photoshop is for chumps though (me), I'm ditching it because I'm just starting to get into Illustrator. i need to learn to finally make my cartoons pretty!

JohnnyGerms said...

I'm a big Happy Hours fan so I follow your blog. Just wanted to say that this cartoon is VERY good! I think it's your best.

queefy said...

Loved that movie, but the best movie of of the year so far is still Iron Man.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Thanks for the good advice, Nico!

I'm a chump too, cuz I color in Photoshop because I can't do what the girls do with markers ( I'm speaking of Kali, Katie and Marlo ).

- trevor.

Nico said...

Johnny - thanks!

Boo - Don't feel bad. Nobody can do what those girls do with their markers. Or any other art device for that matter. I was having dessert with Katie a couple weeks ago and just stared for 15 minutes as she drew a hole straight thru her notebook... pages and pages of cute girls and funny animals, each thing containing a different amazing shape or line theory. Her hand was moving like lightning. Eventually she tossed it aside and said "man, I can't draw tonight!" I just stared. She, Marlo and Kali have no idea that they're superhuman.

Kali Fontecchio said...

BEST DRAWING EVER- I like how he looks dumb, cause he is dumb.

Hryma said...

Don't forget Stefanie Achtnig of Arschblog fame, she too is awesome with a marker!

I have to comment on this post about the post above because I can't look at it, it's scary, I don't want to stay tuned.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...


I'm so jealous. Not just of them, but of you.


- trevor.

Los Doggies said...

Could anyone actually take an ultra Ukrainian Cate Blanchett seriously? And Harrison Ford couldn't once get into character! And what a pitiful opening scene! The "alien/astronaut/dawn of civilization" idea is fine, but the unfolding of the plot in this movie was worse than the Da Vinci Code! Sure, it was entertaining to watch in between chagrins.
As far as Iron Man goes, that movie turned my stomach with its' masculine death cult, anti-Arab, energy war propoganda. I only let it slide because I love Downey Jr. so much.
And as far as your drawing goes Nico, I think it's really a nice one.

Molly Moxie said...

I want a copy of this drawing. I will hang it proudly in my home.

I love Indiana Jones.