Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A. You get funny cartoons, dummy!

Kali is a sweetheart and likes to draw grotesquely funny-looking people, like moi.
Poor her, she was sick this past week but still liked me enough to get together!

These doodles, by her, are what Katie Rice once coined: FOODLES. Foodles are doodles that you do with friends when you're out to dinner! Or brunch!

Totem Pole Pals

The booths at Jerry's Deli have their own little cubicles placed so that when you're sitting in them, it's like you're watching the rest of the customers sitting at the normal tables, but they can't see you! It-... it kinda makes you feel slightly empowered?


Well, naturally, you also get
Photo Fun.

A Grand Day Out

Here I am embracing nature.

And here is Kali being adorable. I love my fancy camera!

oooooh. ahhhhh.lol wut?

I've never been so happy to be eaten by a giant girl mouth. Goodbye, cruel world! :DKali's "Eddie face".
Griffith Park is a nice place for Photo Fun.

You know-
There's all-new Spumco t-shirts coming soon, and while I'll leave it to John K. to announce the details, here's some modeling shots of Kali with her new Sody Pop shirt. Buy all these shirts when they come out OK??

G'wan, be cartoon geeks like us!We look on, horrified, as this tree shamefully excretes its juices.

The tree was so rude, in fact, that we then ran away from the park as fast as our legs could carry us, and ended up at... Daikokuya!

In Little Tokyo. This is Kali's favorite restaurant and now I can see why! It was very delicious.
It is always sooooo busy. This time we went, there was about an hour wait (at 11 o'clock at night!), so we had a couple drinks to "lighten the load".
This only made us sleepy of course. And drunk with power.

mmmmm soup

Hanging with Katie Rice is the COOLEST!
Here's the famous duo a couple days ago, relaxing out at their southern homestyle ranch.

Haha, we really had to squeeze into this photobooth. I peed a little!

More Foooooooodles .......

When you're with John, he'll pretty much always draw something amazing. Cartoonists LOVE restaurants with paper lining the tables, rather than tablecloths. For obvious reasons!

Well, until next time!

Crazy L.A. Muscle Man sez: See ya!


Jenny said...

Looks like you took over Griffith Park and had heap big FUN, alright! Hooray for heedless yout' and drawings. :)

pop;yeah said...

you paid for the meal right?

Nico said...

Those John drawings are from a greek restaurant we went to the other day, AND he paid for the meal on top of it. I tried to pay for myself!, but he insisted. He's nice!

I did take care of our check the last time we ate, though, so we're square.

Jenny said...

LaVeeLee or the Great Greek? Johnnie is nothing if not a creature of habit. : )

I liked LaVeeLee's food but hate the "floor shows" they used to have-too loud.

Nico said...

Haha, it was the Great Greek. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nico, as you sure the Greek restaurant wasn't that Little Ceasers across from the muscle man? That counts, right? Wait, that's Roman. I should know that.

Also, if you took that picture of Kali that's on her blogger profile you've got quite the eye, that's a great photo! Actually these all are!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

What a jolly good time!

- trevor.