Monday, March 24, 2008


With my first special guest, Shawn Dickinson

For Better or Worser Commentary
Directed by Dave Fleischer


Anonymous said...

Nico, Shawn, and Popeye?!?!

FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kali Fontecchio said...


amir avni said...

Well done Nico and Shawn!
You really point out the distinctive parts of these good old cartoons!
It's character comedy! well defined characters can be put in any situation without prior explanation.
You can establish a cartoon in space, in the old west, in the civil war...ANYwhere and just re-establish the characters, and YES the personalities write the stories. All through history human nature never got old.
The simpler the character description the better, for example: "Ren is a weakly psychotic Asshole, Stimpy's a good hearted retard, their relationship is like a dysfunctional marriage".

Writing like "he's 17, he goes to high school..." is NOT character description, it's situation description, you can add later, but it's no replacement.

The slower parts with no dialogue and just funny drawings/movement and music is the ultimate proof for why cartoonists should write their own cartoons, NOT scriptwriters. ultimately, people relate/laugh more to that kind of stuff than anything else contrived and market-researched, simply because its more primal and humane.

I definitely enjoy/agree with all of the things you noted.
good stuff.

Nico said...

thanks so much! I actually had access to a TV the other day, and outta curiosity, swung by Cartoon Network for a few minutes to check out what they're like lately.

My mouth was just hanging open. Every single show was a situation comedy. As you mentioned cartoon writing like, "he's 17, he goes to high school...", well, EVERY SHOW seemed to be like that!

"He's 10, he goes to school, but his classmate is... his pet monkey!"
"They're 10, they live in a house, with the Grim Reaper!"

WTF is that shit?

Shawn said...

Haha! Good point!

There's such a wealth of really good old stuff, with amazing characters...THOSE can keep me entertained for years! I won't even waste my time on new stuff any more.

Thanks for having me as a guest, Nico! We really had fun!

diego cumplido said...

hey, thanks! .. I'm going to buy that DVD soon.