Saturday, December 22, 2007


I SHOULD be working on my animated short. I've got all the vocals recorded, which is something, right?? I've just gotta *ahem*.. start DRAWING the damn thing.

But NOPE, I've been a slacker!!!!! A dirty movie-watching slacker. Silents to be precise. And after years 'n years of being a fan of silents, I finally decided to draw a couple of my heroes from this era.


What can I say? He's Buster "FRIGGEN" Keaton. After only one of his silent masterpieces you'll fall in love with the guy. His expressions (or lack thereof) are hilarious, and his timing and stunts are incredible, unlike anything you've ever seen an actor do.



What a babe! The ultimate flapper. Her signature "sad" stare can strike your heart, and her smile can melt your heart. One of my favorite films of all-time stars her- PANDORA'S BOX!

Here was my first shot at her.. I thought it came out okay but a bit too cartoony. Also for some reason it kind of looks like anime. WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE ANIME?? Oh well, I think it's cute anyway.

I think my 2nd attempt is a bit better.

K THX FOR LOOKIN... Bye for now!


Jenny said...

Hi Nico.
You have excellent taste in Keaton and Miss Brooks here. So: why does that one look like anime? Because of the eyes-not just the size, but in particular that you didn't close them off on the inside...that, and the way you did the eyelashes-with the spiky, hard-edged look.

The rest of it and esp. the cute little pout are not animeish at all, imho anyway. I will say, though--you make your Lulu drawings "cute" and I never saw Brooks thay way-she always seemed to me like the least cute (though super sexy) woman on the silent screen.
There's no right or wrong in these things, though, and seeing different artists' takes makes the world go 'round and really rings my bell!

So thanks for posting them! Very keen!

Jenny said...

PS: here's a doodle I did that turned out as Lulu though I didn't realize until she'd taken over that it was her...she's a strong-willed gal, that girl.

dressing room

It's only a profile and it hasn't the charm of your versions. I'd like to try a true portrait but man, how she intimidates me! You keep on her though. : )

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yay cute sketches- and two of my all time favs! Especially my dear Buster, I can't wait till he he resurrected so I can run off with him!


Molly Moxie said...

My two biggest crushes! Nicely done. Aren't Buster's eyes amazing? You captured them nicely. Next I wanna see Harold Lloyd!