Thursday, December 6, 2007

cartoons with 'TUDE

This is probably the only ugly post you'll ever see on this page, but the truth is so ridiculous that I must share.

Cartoons with ATTITUDE ('TUDE, as John's blog has coined) are pretty frequent in recent years, sure, but the horrible truth is... I had no idea it was on EVERYTHING!

Pre-'TUDE Alvin and the Chipmunks show that characters just having fun and being their cartoony selves can spark generations upon generations of adoring fans. No problem.

Oops! Being fun isn't cool enough. It's gangbangin' time!

Horton being a good-hearted clumsy lummox.

and then...

My problem is, if every character must have 'TUDE, at least let there be different expressions of it. Notice how Horton above, and then each featured character below... ALL HAVE THE SAME 'TUDE!!!

Eyebrow raised, confident smirk.
Eyebrow raised, confident smirk.
Eyebrow raised, confident smirk.

eww eww eww eww eww eww eww eww eww ewwww.

This is the worst of them all.

actually, Shrek is the worst character designs I've ever seen.. but I can't bring myself to upload him here, on what is supposed to be my blog of cartoon happiness.

What's also funny is when they steal 60s and 70s cartoons, which include the CORNIEST characters ever made, and make live-action adaptations of them. Suddenly they're all hip. And fly!

This version of Inspector Gadget is a master crime-stopper. He has the entire situation under control.

What's so funny about this, below, is how dramatic and deep they make Underdog seem.

...then you look at the character they've based the film off of.

They are even forcing 'TUDE on beloved classic characters!

Goofy, I never knew you had it in ya!

Would Porky or Elmer EVER pose like this?

Well, that's enough punishment for our eyes. Sorry for making a post like this, but hopefully someone might get a kick out of it.

Golly! See ya on the flip, dogg!


Shawn said...

Damn yo. Those toons ARE fly!

It is rediculous how they all have the same raised-eyebrow-confident-smirk. Looney Tunes can't be looney anymore, and even Goofy can't be goofy anymore, etc. It's sad. Too bad FUN isn't a fad anymore, because I sure miss it. And I miss being excited to see a new funny cartoon being released, because that rarely happens anymore.

Great post pal, even if it is an ugly one.

Kristen McCabe said...

eeeeew! This post is filled with all kinds of ugly.

Do you remember in the 90's when they had teeshirts with LooneyTunes characters wearing hip-hop urban clothing? I'm embarrassed to say this but I owned a hip hop Tasmanian Devil shirt back in 93. (hangs head in shame)

Marc Deckter said...

I don't mind the 60's and 70's cartoons being adapted into live-action, I think it's fun actually. But the 'tude is definitely out of control - Goofy with 'tude is just criminal.

BTW, awesome to see that you link to Steve Sutton - my favorite YouTube blogger. I always look forward to seeing his nearly daily updates. We should praise such discipline!

Kristen McCabe said...

the new chipmunks movie:

Nico said...



I've had the pleasure of having him do a couple short things for our public access show.
Wonder Dork

Marc Deckter said...

Ah if only Wonder Dork really existed to defeat spam and viruses and other internet nonsense.

Chris S. said...

Great pics of 'tude ...

before John K opened my eyes, I had no idea we were neck deep in 'tude!!!! It's f'ing everywhere like some kind of cartoon plague! I'm guilty of it too! I even have pictures of myself with 'tude 'cause I've been brainwashed into thinking that it's the cool way to have your photo taken. Praise be to you for helping inform the cartoon-lovin' masses.

Pat McMicheal said...

HEY....Don't forget the Always predictable "Crossed Arms" WTF? I refuse to believe there are NO artists with original ideas out guess is the dum-ass studio SUITS insist on this tired predictable formula.

Muzition said...

The photo equivalent:

Mr. Semaj said...

Jesus, where did that Dark Tweety poster come from???

Operation GutterBall said...

Forget about the 'tude, what about the fact all those images and cartoon movie ads have that sickly airbrushed look, this makes you never want to see these. Gross Happy Meal box art. Go USA!

Nate Bear said...

It seems those hip headphones Mickey is wearing are completely non-functional. He probably should have gone for the ear-buds.

RooniMan said...

I'm going to be sick! *throws up*

Pokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pokey said...


BTW on rather postive note, but subjective, "Tooth Fairy" with Dwayne Johnson, aka the artist formerly known as "The Rock", and a very funny movie itself, seems to have fun with the "tude" diea IMO in its stock poster-yet another though of those "white background" posters whcih you mention elsehwere, just with the title character, snd the legend.."YOU can't Handle the TOOTH". Here's it's funny, especially as it's a live actor, thus showing that animation can be overexpressive..LOL I also dare anyone to call Sugar Bear a tude character, at least in his 1960s ads [I'm 49, by the way].

But those ones you have, yech. And I'll add Tiny Toons, and a lot of these even share the same voice talent pool [TWO annoying cartoon rabbits? One would be enough. But no, can't have one play straight hare to the other..]
[One of the things about Pixie and Dixie of the 50s-60s was Pixie was a little more conservative, shall we say, and cautios about his friend Dixie, warning him "Watch out for Jinksy", and they didn't use the tude, nor even Heckle and Jeckle the crows, but they basically seemed only to have different accents.

About Underdog: What was really wrong was he was a real dog now.

The TTV [the Underdog producers's] canned stock cues of the old 1960s series, used on their other series like "Commander McBragg", weren't used [partly due to the musicians union getting up in a dither of Disney's possibly reusing the cheap 60s music and also the fact that most wouldn't know the composers or have access to them..and the heirs's rights, and the need to be more up to date,etc.,etc.]

That pic of Space Jam is just awful. Yechhh!
[slightly modified post here]

EMUGOD said...

tweety has always had 'tude.

:: smo :: said...

we need to acknowledge the wrongdoings of our contemporaries and change the course of cartoon history so that future generations may not have to endure such suffering!

Malcolm said...

Hold on! You forgot Sonic the Hedgehog.

I'm so sick of that goddamn raised high brow look. Dreamworks used it like the fucking plague.
And yes, sadly I'm very aware of the hippocracy right now.

Rick Roberts said...

I like the Sega Genesis-era Sonic. He had 'tude but at least he had an appealing character design. Now he's an anorexic demon.

C. A. M. Thompson said...

I must be crazy but I kinda like that red Tweety poster from Space Jam. It seems more evil and demonic than 'tude.

Darrencardinal said...

How long will it be before characters have so much 'tude that they are flipping us off?

Eyebrow raised, confident smirk, middle finger prominently displayed....

God I cannot take anymore of this crap....

infinitysend said...

As much as I agree with your sentiment, it just boils down to what sells. It was never about the art, or the craft. It's just sell, sell, sell, $ $ $ ... clearly, the success of Space Jam was the final nail in the coffin for what traditional animation has to offer.

Candimente said...

To be fair, Lightning McQueen is already an arrogant, over-confident character... so he has every right to look like that.

Pokey said...
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Pokey said...

Regarding "the corniest cartoons of the 60s and 70s"-with regard to Inspector Gadget, that's a later, psot-70s, 1983 one, almost somewhat good, and 20 years later for Don Adams after Maxwell Smart & Tenn.Tuxedo, he gets a new lead voice role. Wowsers! Too bad that was one of the few DiC cartoon anything remotely good [their 1990s "Dennis" w/June Foray aka Granny as Mrs.Wilson and the classical soundtrack] and the two Sonic ones..were as as good but that was the exception, they pretty much otherwise were the "Filmation of a later nation and generation". THERE! How do you like THAT poetry. Witty Clay horse, ain't I?:)

Gumby can for the most part put up with my jokes..


Pokey said...

The Chipmunk director, Tim Hil,, directs the current top hit Hop, which is nothing like Alvin and the Chipmunks, not an insult, but a complitment, since no gangbanging pictures aare used. I haven't seen the Chipmunks movies themselves, though. I don't know if the director had anything to do with what the Alvin/Chipmunks posters in 2007 and 2010 LOOKED like..but it seems whoever did the Hop poster knows how to catch flies with honey instead of vinegar(geesh, did I just use that old saw??)

Of course, Hop ain't about a performing character...and the Chipmunks were, but did the people involved ever see the original (not the 1980s one but at least the one with the early 60s characters depicted by Nico above. It's practically one of the best cartoons for anyone, outside Hanna-Barbera or Jay Ward, for instance, and not counting my famous appearances with Gumby in clay animation-if you must split hairs.)

I WOULD like to split MORE than just HAIRS but to cut some of those duds off, tough..

Pokey said...

First, Nico, you gotta make the background of the positng body readable without my having to highlight!

Anyway, I would certainly say that the tude that goes as far back as "Gremlins".."Tiny Toon [Yech]Adventures" CERTAINLY derived from that, as well as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". [And as I said, it followed the TTA Spielberg voice cast to the Disney films like Lion King etc. Fart jokes..:rolleyes: btw know that the name Puumba is an offensive phallic name..?:)

Steve J.Carras
And by the way, Nico, regarding your pic profile, this was NOT a bad idea, regarding your blog, always an excellent read!