Saturday, November 17, 2007

MY NEXT CARTOON.... PLUS!!! Monique & Olive Oyl

Well, as lame as it sounds, I'm putting my cartoon short "CHLOE AND STAN" on hold for right now, because I feel like I should do a simpler short first. I think I need a bit more practice before doing "Chloe", because frankly, it's kinda turning into a larger story than I thought.

So here are the characters of my REAL next cartoon short.

It is very short, simple, and HOPEFULLY funny. It's about all those "silent" fights that you've had with your significant other.. Y'know, the fights where you AREN'T EVEN SPEAKING... and pretty much just how awkward and retarded those can be.

I'm working on the animatic right now.

Besides that, I found some time and felt like drawing MY PAL MONIQUE!!!!

She is very nice, because she is working on my upcoming website! It's going to be MY VERY OWN WEBSITE... an all-Nico website. Can't you hardly wait? Of course you can.

And finally- the sexiest girl in the history of cartoons.

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Kristen McCabe said...

I can't stop staring at Olive Oyl's little pancake Bewbies! hee hee hahaa!