Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chloe and Stan

After a couple weeks of ideas, I think I've just about finalized the look for the two characters in my next animated short.

Stan is a very shy, nervous fellow, and just wants his date with Chloe to be perfect. He's focused so much on himself not screwing up that he doesn't realize that Chloe already likes him, and that he's completely fine.

These characters, and the finished cartoon, are going to be influenced by 1950s cartoons, which were stylized yet simple. Most cartoons being made for TV today are copying the 50's, but with none of the style... just the flatness. I'm trying to give my characters here a little bit more depth than "Billy and Mandy", or any of the other awful Cartoon Network shows.



What do you think? :)

My friends Molly and Carl will be providing their voices! And I'm sure there will be a few other close friends of mine popping up in it too.

1 comment:

Carl said...

It looks just like me!

I love the drawings. This is going to be fun!