Friday, June 22, 2007

All the Cats Join In

I go through most weeks with a different obsession, and the past month or so I'm on a real Disney kick. But I tried to find this on YouTube, and when I did, I wanted to post it! It's 1946's "All the Cats Join In", and it's one of my favorite 'one-shot' Disney short subjects.

I love all the Freddie Moore characters (I'm sure he animated on this.. or did he just design the characters? I'm not sure), and check out the dancing scenes at the malt shop... Such smooth and fun animation!


NateBear said...

wonderful, i just wish i were at least watching it on dvd so it wouldn't have that slight visual stutter that you-tube seems to always produce. And those were very attractive girl designs too. I wouldn't mind if that girl's booty didn't get erased.

My favorite two moments were the car driving away before the rear tires were drawn (because logically it didn't need them until it stopped!) and that one symbol sound being interpreted as the little girl's sneeze.

cartoonjoe said...

SLAMMIN'! Absolutely SLAMMIN'!!